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In China, 40 years of vicissitudes and turns, completed the historical mission of “rural to urban”; since then, its challenge has escalated into “urbanization to intellectualization”, which is not an easy topic.

Since the smart city idea had been put forward by “EU Smart City (2007)”, the construction of smart cities has been over a decade, but it has become a microcosm of the rapid development of Chinese cities over the years.

Since 2012, the central government, the State Council, various ministries and commissions and local governments have begun to frequently deploy smart cities. There are so many politic guidelines, such as “National New Urbanization Planning”,Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Smart Cities”, “New Smart City Evaluation Indicators”, “Smart City Top Design Guide”, and the latest “Technical Outline of Space-time Big Data Applying to Smart City”. As the definition of smart cities becoming clearer and clearer, the policy becomes more and more practical.

According to the latest data, 95% of sub-provincial level cities and 83% of the prefecture-level cities in China (with a total of more than 500 cities) have clearly proposed or are building smart cities in the “Government Work Report” or the “13th Five-Year Plan”. Up to now, 290 cities have been selected for the pilot of national smart cities.

Once the tide surges, it is irreversible.

If we say that the construction of smart cities has been through its foundation, research and struggling time in the past 10 years, then 2018 may be the “golden period”.

Many smart constructions have been implemented and completed. Guo Renzhong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, redefined the smart city in a speech in 2018.

“The digital virtual city model can integrate various urban data to form a digital city with analytic computing, simulation and visual perception. It can be used in various cities such as planning scheme simulation, traffic simulation, public resource allocation, and ecological environment monitoring. Digital virtual city model is very versatile for governance and services.” said Academician Guo.

The “virtual city model” proposed by Academician Guo is exactly a set of “GIS-based smart city operating system”, which is exactly what 51VR has been persuing in the smart city field.

51City OS Smart City Visualization Operating System

Since the first launch of 51City OS in 2018, 51VR has helped more than 20 cities across the country (China) to implement this intelligent visual operating system, covering smart cities, smart communities, and smart buildings.

The system makes management evolve from two-dimensional to three-dimensional every level and it also breaks data isolation, enabling multi-dimensional analysis.

Since December 2018, at the launch conference of “Earth Clone Plan 2”, the smart city operating system has been released to more than 20 cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hefei, Chongqing, and Chengdu.

No matter what presence of a city or what area of a city, the system can adapt and be helpful. For example, the system achieves the management of the core CBD business district of a city, historical ancient towns, high-tech zones (like Shenzhen Bay), a community that won World’s Top Ten Architectural Miracles, innovation hall in Anhui Province. In 2022, we will take part in building the operating system of the Winter Olympics venue.

Huawei, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Merchants Group, Alibaba, SenseTime, iFLYTEK, Shanghai Lingang, etc., and other smart city head companies have chosen 51City OS as their intelligent visual operating system.

51City OS Smart Park Visualization Operating System

“Right at the moment, what we are trying to achieve is to use digital technology to make the city smarter and better, which needs great effort. It is exciting.” said Yi Li, 51VR founder and CEO.

In Yi Li’s opinion, the future city will constitute a powerful mirror world, which is extremely rich, and what benefits it can bring to us are far from imaginable today: automatic driving training, urban planning, traffic planning, people flow management, climate forecast, real-time simulation of buildings, etc.

This smart world created by digital twin will become a hot issue for science and technology.

The way to achieve the goal must be bumpy, but with beautiful scenery. We are constantly to be innovative and dare to challenge things which no one ever has done before. Try and error. We hope to share the most valuable stories and cases, providing a reference for the industry and help other companies make progress together.

Starting today, 51VR Wechat Official Account will open a new column called 51CASE, which will be updated regularly to share profound case practices for you.

The big case is coming soon, so stay tuned.




A leading digital solution provider specialized in VR and AI

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A leading digital solution provider specialized in VR and AI

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