51VR attends the C-ASAM signing ceremony to assist in the development of autopilot industry standards

On September 27th, the 2019 Data Resource Center Business Development Seminar held in Chengdu by China Automotive Technology&Research Center Co. Ltd. At the meeting, the C-ASAM establishment ceremony was successfully completed. 51VR was invited as an ASAM member and attended the C- ASAM Working Group Workshop. There are six Chinese companies that have joined ASAM including Huawei, SAIC, China Automotive Data Center, 51VR, Tencent, Liangdao Automobile.

▲The picture shows the ceremony of the establishment of C-ASAM

ASAM (Association for standardization of automation and measuring systems) is one of the most professional trade associations in the world, which was jointly established by Audi, Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen in 1991. The standard opens up a world of automation that allows devices and software to interconnect and data exchanged smoothly. There are 40 standards currently offered by the ASAM Association which are crucial in today’s engineering, test and automation fields. Over 90% of European-made cars are based on ASAM AE MCD technology and standards.

Since 2017, 51VR launched the new product of an autonomous driving simulator. 51VR has been actively promoting the development of China’s independent original simulation software. 51Sim-One full-function automatic driving simulator, released in late 2018, supports autopilot to hit the road as soon as possible. 51VR attended the inauguration ceremony of C-ASAM, aiming to participate in the formulation of industry standards with Chinese original technology companies.

At the C-ASAM working group seminar, Dr. Zhang Fan, Head of Product and Business of 51VR Autopilot and Transportation Division, said that industrial simulation software has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time. Now China’s original technology companies are emerging.

With the development of autonomous driving in full swing, we will continue to help autopilot early implement with high-quality simulator software and participate in the development of international simulation test industry standards.

▲The picture shows the road drawing based on the lidar point cloud in WorldEditor

With the usage of 51Sim-One, the WorldEditor, independently developed by 51VR, has also been put into use. WorldEditor integrates various data sources, including lidar point cloud data, orthophoto, digital high-level models (DEM), and 3D models. WorldEditor uses data to process semi-automated road rendering and complete fully automated road-mapping based on OpenStreetMap, traffic elements to create high-precision virtual road scenes, which is used for training and testing of autonomous driving algorithms.

WorldEditor also supports online connection traffic simulation software such as SUMO to achieve high-precision 2D and 3D visualization of traffic flow simulation data. It can load traffic trajectory data from third-party software such as VISSIM, dynamically display vehicle trajectory. It can also load remote sensing images, thematic maps, and create large-scale cities based on GIS vector data building models, water elements, etc., integrate multi-source heterogeneous data to complete the integrated three-dimensional display of roads and surrounding buildings and greening.

▲The picture is automatically generated based on traffic elements in WorldEditor

In the future, 51VR will continue to use high-quality industrial simulation software to help autonomous driving hit the road sooner.

51VR has joined ASAM to actively collaborate on the development of international simulation standards, and establish industry standards with international organizations. We also continue to assist Chinese original technology companies in the process of establishing industry standards.

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