51VR Invited to Share Its Simulation Technology in China Automotive Technology Transfer Conference

▲China Automotive Technology Transfer Conference

The 6th China Automotive Technology Transfer Conference, hosted by China Society of Automotive Engineers and Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, kicked off on November 7th and 8th in Suzhou. 51VR, a leading enterprise of automated driving simulation, was invited to attend the conference and its product director of automated driving department, Dr. Zhang Fan, delivered a speech on simulated evaluation technology in JIVIC forum.

▲Dr. Zhang delivering a speech on simulated evaluation technology of automated driving

Dr. Zhang gave an in-depth introduction to the role of simulated evaluation of automated driving, the composition of a simulation system, the latest digital twin application as well as the functional characteristics of mainstream simulation software both at home and abroad.

▲Dr. Zhang delivering a speech on simulated evaluation technology of automated driving

Zhang Fan pointed out that substantial testing was needed before a reliable autonomous vehicle was released on the road. However, traditional real road testing was accident-prone and marred by long time span, low efficiency and high cost. Therefore, it had become an industrial consensus to utilize simulation technology as a means of training and testing autonomous vehicles.

Automated driving simulation software have been monopolized by foreign enterprises for decades until recently, China’s original self-driving simulation software, spearheaded by 51Sim-One, mushroom. 51Sim-One, independently developed by 51VR, is a high-precision, highly realistic and real-time simulation platform that integrates multiple sensors, vehicle dynamics, roads and scenes, traffic flow and intelligent actors.

▲virtual training scene of 51Sim-One

Zhang mentioned that the current evaluation system mainly tested an autonomous vehicle in terms of three aspects, namely, traffic operation efficiency, vehicle running and human-computer interaction inside and outside the vehicle, about which safety was of the prime concern. At present, increasingly stringent norms of existing as well as expected vehicle functional safety entail higher requirements on L1-L4 automated driving. As a result, simulated testing has become an indispensable R&D instrument to support vehicle safety landing.

▲laser radar simulation of 51Sim-One

As major vehicle manufacturers plan to land the R&D of autonomous driving function in next 5 years, it is urgent now to build simulation capability to reduce safety risk in this forward-looking technology, which offers a great opportunity for domestic simulation software.

▲camera simulation of 51Sim-One

Technological achievements of universities and enterprises were also exhibited at the conference. 51VR showcased its products and technologies of 51Sim-One, dynamic scene construction and camera simulation, attracting a large number of viewers interested in automated driving simulation.

Li Keqiang, distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education, Yang Diange, Dean of the School of Vehicle and Mobility of Tsinghua University, Cheng Bo, Dean of Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University and Li Shaozhu, General Manager of Dongfeng Motor also attended this industrial summit.

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