5G summit | 51VR will help to build the 2022 Olympic Winter Games operating system

the 5G Innovation and Development Summit & China Unicom Global Industrial Chain Partners Conference

51VR attended the 5G Innovation and Development Summit & China Unicom Global Industrial Chain Partners Conference, which was held in Shanghai. China Unicom convened large telecommunication companies and its core strategic cooperation partners to discuss topics of 5G innovation and the Olympic Winter Games. Visualization technology by 51VR can apply to smart cities and other fields, providing infrastructure technology support.

On the Olympic Winter Games forum

The president of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, Yong Zhang, mentioned that 51VR plays a vital role in building the system because of 51VR’s technology strength.

The system integrates physical data, GIS data, etc; with 3D and BIM technology, the system simulates the reduction of the venues supported for the construction.

The UI of the operating system

Also, the operating system simulates different scenarios that might happen, optimizes routes and provides solutions to those situations. We have real-time rendering on mobile devices, visualized data, and 3D interactive on our system, which will increase management efficacy.

A demo of smart venue

The technology is based on 51City OS

51City OS simulates the reduction of the city, providing a clear view of buildings, roads, etc, which helps the local government for optimizing the urban plan. Smart technology can help improve efficiency and optimize services — waste management, traffic flow, disaster evacuation, and energy use.

51City OS has implemented in Chongqing, Hefei, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. Base on ETL, we integrated geographic information, building information, video stream, sensors, relational database to one platform.

A demo of 51City OS

In the future, 51VR will continue to enhance the functions of the operating system, and implement our technology in other fields. Visualization technology will increase the efficacy of scientific decision-making for multiple industries. In the era of 5G, 51VR is unrelenting to catch any opportunity and embrace challenges.

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