51World Revamps Its Website

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51World’s official website was revamped on February 28.

This revamp was not only about content, layout, and design, but also embodied 51World’s in-depth interpretation of its core products, industry applications, and developer ecosystem, among which a large number of video demos were displayed to help better understand digital twins.

We hope to drive home three points with our brand-new structure and content:

☞ 51WORLD is always committed to upgrading its digital twin all-element scenarios, to improve quality, maximize efficiency, minimize cost and increase compatibility.

☞ 51WORLD’s standard products with all-element scenarios as the core are widely used in dozens of industries such as smart cities, parks, transportation, and real estate.

☞ The open developer ecosystem established by 51WORLD allows effective and efficient secondary development in various industries with 51SuperAPI.

Who are we?

51WORLD is always committed to upgrading its digital twin all-element scenarios, to improve quality, maximize efficiency, minimize cost and increase compatibility.

▲ Digital twin Shanghai built by 51WORLD

Since the company’s inception, we have been aspiring to create a more realistic virtual reality and develop more functions for virtual scenes with our accumulation and advantages in graphics and AI, so as to enable more industries to achieve what is impossible in real life.

This aspiration drives home what we are undertaking. The virtual reality we created is more than just virtual scenes — it integrates physical reality, spatial and geographical reality, and is viable for free editing and interaction. It encompasses everything from a small green plant to a large city. We name it all-element scenarios-AES.

In the revamp, we place all-element scenarios on the home page, hoping every viewer can instantly see what 51WORLD is good at and what it aims for. We’ve always dedicated to creating a more realistic virtual reality and we spare no effort in accomplishing this, for that is what we can contribute to the industry.

▲L1-L5 of 51WORLD all-element scenarios (AES)

What are our core products and business boundaries?

51WORLD’s standard products with the all-element scenarios as the core are widely used in dozens of industries such as smart cities, parks, transportation, and real estate.

In the revamped website, 4 clearly-defined categories are listed as the core products: 51UrbanData, 51City OS, 51Sim-One, 51Cloud.

51UrbanData is a digital twin constructing platform autonomously developed by 51WORLD. This underlying platform is able to generate the skeleton of a city of thousands of square kilometers in a few hours, which can exponentially enhance the ability to build city-level all-element scenarios.

Video: 51UrbanData city scenes constructing

What’s more, it is this underlying support that makes 51City OS a remarkable digital twin platform.

51City OS brings a city or a park to life as it is able to view, control, simulate and predict the data and activities in the city or park. Its four core capabilities of full-category data integration, real-time visual control, fusion data analysis and prediction and real-time rendering, can overhaul the management in places ranging from a small building to a super metropolis.

Video: the digital twin city platform of 51City OS

51Sim-one is an autonomous driving simulation and testing platform independently developed by 51world. It is significant as it ensures the safety and reliability of product performance, greatly saves product development time and reduces R&D cost.

Video: the autonomous driving simulation platform of 51Sim-One

The real-time cloud rendering platform of 51Cloud guarantees the practicality and operability of 51WORLD products as it delivers the best real-time 3D rendering picture on no matter what terminals, whether it is a large screen, tablet or mobile phone, regardless of their configuration.

Currently, on the foundation of these 4 core products, we focus on 5 areas of smart cities, smart parks, smart cars, smart transportation and digital real estate. We can’t wait to share with you the scenarios we’ve already accomplished as well as interesting cases of our implementation projects, which are all posted on the revamped web.

As smart cities mushroom across the world, 51City OS has contributed to smart governance, intelligent planning, smart water, smart power, smart environmental protection, intelligent policing and intelligent emergency. The images below are real pictures of 51WORLD implementation cases.

In the future, we hope to further explore digital twin in simulating a city’s all elements of ecological resources to build a digital base for intelligent urban management.

▲ a scene of 51WORLD smart cities

For more cases, please visit here:

In line with the smart cities industry, the re-upgrading and redefinition of the intelligent management of a smart park is a rising trend. The following are the real business scenarios that 51WORLD has implemented in smart parks, including smart buildings, smart communities, industrial parks, smart airports, smart ports, smart campuses, etc.

In constructing smart parks, 51WORLD has found out a set of philosophies in practice: from the park to the park and to achieve senseless management of the park. In this respect, we strongly identify with Huawei’s interpretation of smart parks-leading to simplicity.

▲ a scene of 51WORLD smart parks

Three benchmark cases are updated. For more information, please visit here:

Three cases of digital real estate featuring Sydney Harbour, the super landmark of Zhonghai Tianfuli, Tongzhou MOMA are updated. For more information, please visit here:

▲a scene of 51WORLD digital real estate

51WORLD Intelligent Driving and Smart Transportation Division sorted out a total of 9 upgraded categories in smart cars, including autonomous driving decision-making algorithm training, autonomous driving development and testing equipment, ADAS simulation testing program, processing and analysis of the big data of driving tests, digital twin evaluation and testing of autonomous driving, interactive driving demonstration of autonomous driving, construction of virtual simulation scene library, multi-vehicle collaborative virtual test system and sensor simulation and testing.

▲ a scene of 51WORLD’s autonomous driving simulation

For more details, please visit here:

Over the past year, 51Sim-One has expanded its business in the fields of intelligent urban transportation systems, traffic environment simulation, deployment and monitoring of intelligent road infrastructure, and wireless network construction evaluation and so on. Five business categories have also been upgraded in sync with the official website revamp, including ICV operation and control platform, microscopic traffic simulation visualization software, digital construction of smart road infrastructure, intelligent monitoring systems of high-speed traffic.

▲ a scene of 51WORLD smart traffic

51WORLD aspires to make cars and roads smarter for safer, better and more efficient travels with the technologies of visualization, simulation, and prediction.

For more information, please visit here:

These 4 core products and 5 major areas are 51WORLD’s “action”. They are also where 51WORLD’s strengths lie and what form 51WORLD’s business boundaries. Beyond the boundary, it is 51WORLD’s “inaction”.

Therefore, we want the trusted partners to join us to build a thriving ecology, in which each gives full play to its strengths and focuses on its core advantages. We are committed to elevating industrial efficiency and in constant search for partners sharing the same ambition. So it leads to our prime strategy this year: the 51WORLD Developer Plan-51WDP.

What kind of ecology are we building?

This web revamps also underlined a new page of developer ecology.

The concept of digital twin cities has brought about an upsurge of researches and construction by local governments. In recent days, Shanghai and Beijing have proposed to establish their own digital twin city spatial-temporal data management platform.

The outbreak of coronavirus epidemic called for constructing new digital twin cities across China in terms of joint disease control as well as emergency management since digital twin technology can collect data in no time and quickly generate a visualized command center to facilitate the surveillance of people flow and security control, which quickens emergency response

▲ 51WORLD digital twin platform of intelligent emergency

In addition, the need for enterprises to increase growth and elevate efficiency with high-dimensional visualized digital management to sharpen their competitive edge surges in this fast-changing world. In response, 51WORLD has done its part in “action” as well as in “inaction”. Therefore, we hope to move forward with like-minded partners in the tide of time.

51WORLD’s strengths lie in its construction of digital twin all-element scenarios and we are willing to share this capability, in the form of 51SuperAPI, with our partners for secondary development so that repeated work can be avoided. Therefore, in early 2020, 51WORLD officially launched its developer plan-51WDP, to further enable developers from all prospects.

For more detailed development files, FAQs, latest news and training courses on 51SuperAPI, please visit here:

The first session of online training of 51WDP starts at the same time, targeted at 51WORLD customers and partners in need of learning and developing 3D urban scenes. The training consists of 3 parts, namely, industrial ecology, product cases, and technology development. Presenters shared their thoughts on the trend of digital twin, 51SuperAPI products and applications, as well as tech development analysis of 51SuperAPI.

The purpose of 51WDP is to make sure every developer can get the maximum benefits and achieve the greatest value on the platform!

Who are we? What are our core products and business boundaries? What kind of ecology are we building? In addition to answering the three questions, this website revamps also embodies 51world’s upgrade in strategy, products, businesses, and self-identification in the coming year.

Apart from these three main highlights, relevant pages of the Earth Clone Program and cooperate news are adjusted and revised accordingly.

More vibrant rhythm, more lively presentation, much richer information, more convenient touch, and more honest recruitment, these are what make 51WORLD. 51ers want to make themselves heard: We, young, passionate and ambitious, hoping to go further on this long, long road. 51ers will spare no effort in perfecting their core products. 51ers are in awe of each industry extended from what they are undertaking. Joining hands with the partners, we aspire to do our parts for society.

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