Accelerate internationalization!51VR signed a strategic cooperation with Surbana Jurong

On September 5, 2019, 51VR signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Surbana Jurong Group, one of Asia’s largest urban, infrastructure and management services consulting firms, in Singapore. Michael Tang, 51VR Global Sales Director, attended the signing ceremony.

▲The picture shows 51VR completes the signing of the strategic agreement document with SJ
▲The second left is Wong Heang Fine, CEO of SJ Group, the third is Eugene Seah, Senior Director of SJ Group, and the right one is Michael Tang, Global Sales Director of 51VR.
▲ The picture shows 51VR Smart City Operating System (Singapore)
▲The picture shows 51VR and SJ cooperation, creating a smart city operating system

In fact, as early as May of this year, 51VR and Surbana Jurong have already started cooperation, and both sides have jointly completed the construction of Singapore’s smart city management system. The system not only performs rapid restoration of large scenes in Singapore, especially high-precision to landmark buildings. By synchronizing real-world data, the system has many functions such as real-time traffic management, equipment management, bridge maintenance, energy-saving scoring, flood simulation, etc.

The system project was highly recognized by SJ Group, and Wong Heang Fine used “Impressive” and “Amazing” to describe our product.

▲The picture shows the SJ Group Headquarters

Up to now, 51VR’s 51City OS smart city operating system has been deployed in more than 20 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, etc. It covers smart cities, smart parks, and smart buildings, helping Huawei, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom, Alibaba, China Merchants Group, Shanghai Lingang, and other leading enterprises to achieve visual management and simulation operations.

▲It can display the building information and elevator status in real-time, assisting property management and maintenance.

In the future, 51VR will continue to work with Surbana Jurong Group to create a more realistic digital city in Singapore. Through the restoration of urban buildings, roads, traffic, greening and rivers, a more accurate and intelligent multi-functional visual smart city operation platform can break data isolation and improve management efficiency.

▲Flood simulation can display and predict flooded areas in various periods, effectively helping disaster response.

Surbana Jurong is one of Asia’s largest urban, infrastructure and management services consulting firms. Leveraging on technology and creativity, Surbana Jurong provides the best-in-class consultancy solutions across the entire value chain of the urbanization and infrastructure domains.

Headquartered in Singapore, the Surbana Jurong Group has a global workforce of more than 16,000 employees in 120 offices across 40 countries in Asia, Australia, the UK, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. The Surbana Jurong Group member companies comprise SMEC and Robert Bird Group in Australia, Sino-Sun in China, AETOS, KTP, SAA in Singapore and B+H in Canada.

Nowadays, the construction of global smart cities is in full swing. According to the well-known research institute Juniper Research’s Global Smart City Performance Index, Singapore ranks first among the top 20 smart cities in the world, surpassing London, New York, and Seoul. It is reported that the most striking of Singapore’s smart strategy is the high-precision 3D map in the virtual Singapore platform, which supports important functions such as urban planning, video control, and civil aviation in Singapore.

▲The picture shows the Singapore L1-L3 level urban scene with 51VR large-scale automatic restoration

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