ADAS Driving Simulator is on the market! 51VR will keep on having industrial cooperation with Daimler Startup Autobahn

On August 28th, Daimler Startup Autobahn Batch III Expo Day was held at the Shunyifornia Theatre in Beijing. Daimler executives and various business departments attended the event and gathered together with guests from the government, VC, universities and research institutions to explore the future vehicle. 51VR was invited to present the results at the Expo.

▲Daimler Startup Autobahn Batch III Expo Day

51VR and Daimler Startup Autobahn jointly developed an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Demonstration via Driving Simulator.

As the general guide of this cooperation and development, Dr. Zhang Fan, head of 51VR Intelligent Vehicle and Transportation Department, introduced the highlights and values ​​of the cooperation project to all guests and showed the appreciation to Daimler Startup Autobahn.

▲The picture shows 51VR Dr. Zhang Fan sharing the results of cooperation on the spot

“We use the combination of virtual scene and real situations to digitally reduct the real world through mathematical modeling, and establish a correct, reliable and effective simulation model. It can simulate different dangerous situations to trigger ADAS to take emergency measures, which enables users to experience how the automatic driving system to protect us. This is the greatest significance of this cooperation project.” Zhang Fan mentioned.

▲The picture shows an audience is experiencing the product

According to Zhang Fan, this interactive simulator can play a role in various emergency scenarios by adding different road conditions into the simulator such as highways, urban congested roads, auxiliary roads, ramps, etc.

For example, in the virtual scene created by the 51VR, the main road suddenly inserts a car from an auxiliary road, which may be a threat to the main road car. In this emergency, the ADAS system will automatically identify the dangerous situation and automatically activate the BSM blind spot detection warning function, flashing red light on the exterior mirror to remind the driver to pay attention to the vehicle in the blind zone, thereby reducing the occurrence of the danger.

Zhang Fan pointed out that ADAS is mainly used as an automatic emergency solution for vehicles when confronting unexpected situations, to reduce the probability of being hurt, or completely avoid injuries. If it’s not in danger, the ADAS will not be triggered so it is hard to feel the value and significance of its security function.

However, by using virtual extreme scenes to reproduce various dangerous situations, it can effectively stimulate the safety protection function of ADAS, and let consumers deeply feel how this system protects personal safety.

Compared to the traditional test driving, the ADAS simulator is truly accepted by consumers and increases purchase motivation, which will help OEMs and distributors to promote ADAS in the future.

The product has been applied and implemented in many 4S stores. In the future, the products will be mass-produced and introduced into more 4S stores.

“This is a breakthrough in digital marketing, using VR and virtual driving to let customers immersively experience the vehicle functions. It is very functional and very enjoyable.” the chief digital officer from the Mercedes-Benz dealer group showed his recognition to the product.

This is the second cooperation between 51VR and Daimler based on Startup Autobahn. 51VR has entered the global innovation ecosystem of Daimler.

▲ The picture shows the team after the Expo

In the future, 51VR will continue to explore more cooperation opportunities in technology research and development, product strategy and the building of the ecosystem with Daimler Startup Autobahn.

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