Deutsche Telekom, international cooperation agencies and the German Economic Research Institute visited 51VR to accelerate the cooperation of Industry 4.0

On the morning of October 8, a delegation of the German government, institutions and enterprises, including the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ), T-Systems, and the German Economic Institute, visited 51VR and discussed product innovation in smart city and autonomous driving simulation. This is also the second time that GIZ has visited 51VR since March this year. It hopes to fully promote and support the close cooperation between 51VR and Germany in Industry 4.0.

Chris Wang, Director of Market and Growth of 51VR Digital City Division, presented the latest achievements of 51VR to the visiting German delegates, including Huawei’s new generation campus intelligent operation center, intelligent building system, real-time traffic flow simulation and automatic creation jointly created by 51VR and Huawei. Driving cloud simulation, etc.

Chris Wang mentioned that 51VR started from visualization and extended to simulation, prediction and other fields. The products cover smart buildings, smart parks, smart cities, smart transportation, smart driving, etc., which makes the real world more efficient, safer and better.

After the introduction, the German representatives also came to 51VR’s experience center to see all the demos.

Mr. Nau Aljoscha, European Political Consultant of the German Economic Research Institute, was very impressed with the new generation of intelligent operation centers of Huawei which is built by 51VR.

He mentioned that there are many factories in the Industry 4.0 project in Germany. If these plants can be combined with the 51VR system for smart management, which can greatly improve production efficiency, 51VR should pay more attention to the upgrading needs of such factories in Germany.

Mr. Harman Uzay, Deutsche Telekom IT product expert, was amazed at the 51VR’s rapid automation of generating urban digital skeletons. He is impressed by rapid technology development in China.

There are some representatives of leading German companies and institutions such as China Center Automotive LandNRW, Fakt AG, AffiliCon GmbH, and Innogy SE. They are keen to explore if there is an opportunity to cooperate with 51VR in smart city, autonomous driving simulation, smart transportation, etc.

Representatives from all levels proposed and explored 51VR and German companies in the industry 4.0, smart city, automatic driving simulation, intelligent transportation and other aspects of product innovation and cooperation.

The 51VR has always maintained good relations with German companies and institutions such as Daimler, BMW, and Audi. Just in August this year, 51VR and Daimler jointly developed an ADAS Demonstration via Driving Simulator. 51VR has entered Daimler's global innovation ecosystem.

During the 2018 period, the German Embassy and the government delegation visited 51VR twice to conduct in-depth exchanges on autonomous driving simulation and automobile industry innovation strategy.

▲ German Embassy and government delegation visited 51VR

In March 2019, Dr. Elke Siehl, Minister of Cooperation and Development of the German Agency for International Cooperation, Mr. Thorsten Giehler, Chief Representative of the German Agency for International Cooperation in China, and other people visited 51VR and discussed the main topic of Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV). We together promote the multi-faceted cooperation between Chinese and German enterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing/industrial 4.0.

▲German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) visited 51VR

Currently, 51VR is accelerating its internationalization, covering North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Europe, and has set benchmark projects in cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London, Seattle, Singapore, Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney. Germany is one of the most advanced countries in the development of Global Industry 4.0. How to combine Industry 4.0 with digital twin technology in more dimensions and a higher level is also an important topic that 51VR hopes to breakthrough.

About GIZ: As a world-renowned international organization promoting international cooperation and sustainable development, GIZ provides diversified professional services to the German federal government and international organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union. Since June 2016, GIZ has been entrusted by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) to implement the Sino-German Industry 4.0 Project to support the two governments in promoting the networked cooperation between Chinese and German companies in intelligent manufacturing and production processes.

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