Industries, Products, and Cases of 51City OS-POS Upgrade

On March 4, the central decision-makers in China reiterated the need to speed up the construction of new infrastructure projects such as 5G networks and data centers. The wave of building new infrastructure, one of the focal points of China’s economic development in the future, obliges the upgrading of traditional cities and parks.

The construction of the core unit of the city, the smart park, has become the focus of urban planning and social development, and it is also the inevitable trend of the industrial park and community development. Enabled by cutting-edge technology, the smart park will enhance the social and economic values of the physical park, making it safe, green and intelligent.

Nowadays, China witnesses a burgeoning demand for various kinds of smart parks such as industrial parks, smart communities, enterprise parks, and commercial parks. 51WORLD has always been deeply engaged in addressing the pain points in this industry, delivering tailored solutions and continuously upgrading the visual operations system of the pan-smart park, 51City OS-POS, for intelligent transformation.

In October 2019, the Research Report on Digital Twin City, an authoritative report led by China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT), a high-end national think tank of underling construction consultation and design for the strategic Xiong’an New Area, was released for the first time. In the report, 51WORLD was crowned as one of the leading enterprises in digital twin in China and several cases of its implementation in smart cities, smart parks and smart traffic were included. At present, 51City OS-POS consists of a full-cycle solution of 8 divisions, 8 functions and 4 product advantages. It will further improve its supporting services to sharpen the competitive edge of its partners from all perspectives.

51City OS-POS

51City OS-POS provides personalized solutions

Product Description

Supported by leading digital twin all-element scenarios, 51City OS-POS incorporates modules like digital twin, operations and management, provides managers with intuitive management approaches based on 3D visualization, promotes positive interaction among departments, and delivers personalized solutions for different industries.

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1. Basic functions

1.1 Comprehensive management:

51City OS-POS is capable of managing comprehensive businesses such as the park industries, security, traffic, energy efficiency, environment, assets, investment, etc. by means of data visualization. It can monitor the park in real-time and conduct correlated analysis of the data and the businesses by referring to the park’s inherent business attributes. 51City OS-POS facilitates macro-coordination, scientific management and reasonable deployment of the park’s business, thus achieving comprehensive management of the park on one screen.

1.2 Security management:

incorporated with Skynet, Snow Bright Project capabilities, 51City OS-POS can draw the park security map in an instant and deploy the equipment effectively. In reflecting on the current operation, it enables the park managers to take preventative measures, rapidly handle the events, if any, meticulously follow the whole business process and keep a track of the events afterward.

1.3 Traffic management:

Along with real-time monitoring of the traffic in the park, 51City OS-POS enables intelligent control of the movement of people and vehicles in the park using IoT- based sensors and geographic information, which in turn, establishes a senseless traffic control center and ensures efficient traffic in the park.

1.4 Personnel management:

51City OS-POS supports data integration of the equipment and system of personnel management. It can observe the traffic in a closed park and categorically analyze the information like on-duty personnel positioning, non-staff members, blacklisted person, etc. which facilitates efficient management of the park personnel and ensures the safety of the park.

1.5 Assets management:

this Module can configure RFID, ZigBee , Bluetooth and other IoT monitoring methods according to different assets of the park, and systematically display asset management to achieve the functions such as one-keyboard integration, asset query, asset data, etc.

1.6 Equipment management:

based on the digital twin visualization of the park, 51City OS-POS is able to monitor the location, distribution, status, and attributes of the equipment such as fresh air, lighting, air conditioning, and production lines in the park to digitally restore the equipment so as to realize joint prevention and operation. It can quickly locates the faults of the equipment, and achieves visual, preventable and controllable joint operation of work orders, maintenance personnel and other business units, to ensure efficient production and scientific management.

1.7 Environmental management:

equipped with various sensors, 51City OS-POS can visually manage the production and living environment of the park. It can present and analyze the data of environmental indicators, air quality, temperature, humidity, park water quality, soil, etc., so as to keep track of the real-time environmental quality and trigger joint operation in case of events.

1.8 Energy efficiency management:

51City OS-POS is able to observe and manage the activities in the park such as checking the energy efficiency of water, electricity, and gas, regulating energy distribution, analyzing energy flow, demonstrating demand forecast, displaying real-time energy consumption, and timely alerting the personnel in case of unusual energy consumption. In rationally allocating the park resources, the system can improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions to a large extent.

1.9 Investment Display:

51City OS-POS supports visual analysis of investment in the park, including business types, projects, process and distribution, functional business demonstrations. It offers construction plans for the ecology, culture, and achievements of the park. In general, 51City OS-POS can systematically enhance the park’s brand culture and draw more investors.

2. Features

2.1 Emergency response:

the visual excise of the preventative plan on 51City OS-POS in time of emergency can facilitate timely notice, strategic maneuver and unified control. If an emergency happens, the system can collect data in real time, intelligently dispatch police forces and display escape routes, in which way, it helps to make wise decisions, reduce processing time, and ensure the security of the park.

2.2 Surveillance:

incorporated with IoT monitoring equipment devices, 51City OS-POS provides round-the-clock property management and security patrols in and around the park. It can accurately spot unusual situations and issue timely alert for break-ins. What’s more, the system greatly reduces the workloads of security personnel in the park without compromising the security of the park.

2.3 Space management:

51City OS-POS can conduct all-round IP surveillance of the usage of every room in every building such as its temperature, humidity, and oxygen conditions, so as to make the greatest use of the space, and render a green, health, and intelligent park environment.

2.4 Alarm tracing:

with the IoT hardware assets in the park, 51City OS-POS can demonstrate alerting information and correspondingly, issue alarms according to the device ID. Upgrading traditional equipment with IoT technology facilitates effective personnel management and visualized device operations, such as quickly dispatching the staff in a time of disorder and offering a rapid diagnosis of problems.

2.5 Trajectory tracking:

using facial recognition, 51City OS-POS keeps a statistical record of external personnel and keep all-around track of illegal intruders. It displays the real-time position of the blacklisted with the help of a digital twin in 3D vision. Accurate analysis of external personnel, overall observation, and comprehensive processing will make the park safer and more stable.

3. Technical advantages of the product

3D scene building

51EngineTools, the independently developed 3D model auto-construction toolchain, can automatically convert common model formats into standard FBX formats that can be recognized by the rendering engine, and locate common problems such as material and map loss errors.

3D map cloud platform

This 3D map cloud platform can extract the features of public remote sensing images and automatically generate buildings and roads, making up for insufficient 3D visualization of traditional GIS data.

Digital twin operating system

51City OS-POS makes the integration and control of the virtual world infinitely close to these of the real world with the help of 51WORLD digital twin all-element scenario platform. On the basis of standard ETL (extract, transform, and load) process, it can incorporate the business categories and technology formats like geographic information, building information, video streams, sensors and relational databases.

Real-time visual operation and control

51City OS-POS can visualize complex data into 2D and 3D vision with visual graphics components, in order to clearly and rapidly acquire all kinds of information, including classification and comparison.

4. Industrial divisions and successful stories

4.1 Government Park

51City OS-POS is able to integrate and display the existing data of the government park for the operation command center, and provide visual management services in terms of urban development planning, urban security (public security, traffic control, medical care), urban population, urban businesses, urban greening/land, urban energy, and government affairs, so as to effectively improve the efficiency of coordination, management, service and decision-making.

Swan Lake New Area of Hefei city, Anhui province

Through efficient statistical analysis of various basic data, 51World helped the Hefei government overcame multiple hurdles in government affairs, transportation, water supply, regional planning, tourism and security, which in turn, promoted the pace of Hefei’s smart city construction.

4.2 Enterprise Park

51City OS-POS is able to integrate and display the existing data of the enterprise park for the operation command center, and provide visual management services in terms of enterprise operations, security monitoring, personnel management, assets, equipment, environment, space, energy consumption office, and commercial display, so as to effectively improve the efficiency of park management and operation.

IOC-MAX of Huawei’s global headquarter in Bantian, Shenzhen

The visual operations system of Huawei Smart Park IOC MAX is responsible for the unified operation and command of Huawei’s smart park management, and it enables intelligent services of the park in vivid 3D vision. 51World built a high-precision digital twin platform for Huawei headquarter in Bantian. Incorporated with Huawei’s data platform of Roma, 51World has implemented Huawei’s management of security, asset, equipment and energy consumption, making it the capping project and one of the best practices of Huawei park solutions. It significantly assisted Huawei in management efficiency, customer reception experience and program implementation. Besides, it also addressed the industrial pain points such as isolated IOC centers in multiple parks, repeated construction in new parks, the lack of best practices in industry programs, excessive systems, and the inability to visualize 5G advantages.

4.3 Commercial Park

51City OS-POS is able to integrate and display the existing data of the commercial park for the operation command center, and provide visual management services in terms of business operation, security monitoring, personnel management (external / employee), assets, equipment, commodities, energy consumption, and commercial displays, so as to effectively improve the efficiency of park management and operation.

Sky City TOD Complex

Sky City’s intelligent management platform provides all-element products and services for the community that integrates the function of commercial offices and technological residences.

4.4 Residential Park

51City OS-POS is able to integrate and display the existing data of the residential park for the operation command center, and provide visual management services in terms of daily operations, security monitoring, personnel management (residents/employees), assets, equipment, environment, space, energy consumption, and surrounding transportation services.

MOMA Smart Community

Utilizing 51World’s digital twin of all-element scenario, MOMA smart community restores the full picture of MOMA, the first high-level community in China whose design and operation have won the dual honors of U.S. LEED-ND certification and China’s three-star operation of green buildings. Its daily operations, security monitoring, equipment management, energy efficiency management, property information, etc. can be loaded on the 51WORLD smart community management platform to shape a convenient, secure and green community.

4.5 Industrial Park

51City OS-POS is able to integrate and display the existing data of the industrial park for the operation command center and provide visual management services in terms of production supervision, production safety, employees, assets, equipment, warehousing, environment, factory, energy, resource, and logistics, so as to make more efficient operation and more convenient management.

The smart factory of an industrial enterprise

51World creates a smart operation and control platform for one leading enterprise in China. The platform is able to coordinate the operation of the factory with a spatio-temporal data map, achieving scientific, refined and intelligent management, visualized office methods, and digitalized production monitoring.

4.6 Campus Park

51City OS-POS is able to integrate and display the existing data of the campus park for the operation command center, and provide reliable visual management services in terms of teaching, campus safety, staff, students, assets, equipment, environment, classroom, outdoor, energy consumption, publicity, etc.

Humen Smart Campus in Guangdong Province

Using digital twin technology, 51World built a smart campus management platform, which included security monitoring, staff management, equipment operations, and environmental information, in order to visualize campus environment, digitalize teaching quality and manage the campus intelligently.

4.7 Tourism/Cultural Park

51City OS-POS is able to integrate and display the existing data of the cultural park for the operation command center, and provide visual management services in terms of tourism revenue, park security, tourists, employees, facilities, equipment, scenic areas, environment, vegetation, space, energy consumption, and publicity, to ensure safe travels, bring fresh experiences, and minimize the cost of maintenance.

Changshou Ancient Town Smart Park

Based on digital twin technology, 51World provided a visual operation platform for Changshou cultural tourism. It intelligently upgraded the town in connecting the equipment, vehicles and infrastructure, monitoring the environment, and managing the parking lots, releasing new values of this age-old town.

4.8 Olympic Park

51City OS-POS is able to integrate and display the existing data of the Olympic park for the operation command center, and provide visual management services in terms of park overview, security, visitors, employees, equipment, environment, vegetation, venue, energy efficiency, and events, to improve management efficiency, elevate services and maintain a good image of the park.

At present, smart cities/parks have gone far beyond the concept and have been deemed as one important business of many companies. Dr. Su Baohua, president of Huawei Enterprise BG smart park business unit, said the smart park had huge potentials and the domestic market was expected to exceed 290 billion yuan by 2022. It is an inevitable trend to develop 5G, AI, industrial Internet, smart cities, education, health care and other new infrastructure in 2020. Based on its leading digital twin all-element scenario, 51WORLD will certainly play a significant role in a future wave of new infrastructure construction in China, facilitating digital and intelligent upgrades in all walks of life.

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