News | 51VR attended the China Automotive Chongqing Forum, the five major cases explain the latest simulation practice

On June 4, 2019, the 2019 China Auto Chongqing Forum officially opened. 51VR’s founder CEO Yi Li was invited to attend and delivered a speech “Simulation Test Accelerated Smart Road Upgrade”.

▲Speech by Yi Li, 51VR's CEO

Yi Li pointed out that to truly have self-driving cars on the road needs a lot of tests; however, road tests have a long measuring cycle, low efficiency, high cost, and there are potential safety hazards, which are prone to accidents. For this reason, simulation technology has become an industry consensus as a means of training and validating automated driving vehicles.

In the speech, Yi Li not only analyzed the current market structure and prospects of automated driving simulation but also shared the commercialization capabilities and technological innovations of 51Sim-One, the automatic driving simulation platform.

Yi Li pointed out that the 51Sim-One automatic driving simulation platform is a system-wide simulation platform integrating multi-sensor, vehicle dynamics, road and scene environment, traffic flow, etc. It has high precision, high realism, and real-time simulation. Up to now, 51Sim-One has cooperated with related OEMs, research institutes, national demonstration zones, and national testing centers.

▲The scene of the China Automotive Chongqing Forum

In order to accurately display the application scenarios of 51Sim-One, Yi Li shared the engineering practice of the platform through five cases, including traffic case reduction, hardware-in-the-loop simulation test, multi-vehicle collaborative test, automatic parking, and real-time Traffic flow simulation.

Among them, the traffic case reduction restores and reconstruct accident scenes from multiple angles, and test the automatic driving algorithm by simulating the perspective of accident vehicles.

Multi-vehicle collaborative testing supports simultaneous access to both automatic and manual driving so that drivers can manually intervene in the main vehicle test to generate random extreme cases.

▲The GIF shows 51VR multi-vehicle collaborative test

Automatic parking enables the car to automatically drive itself to the designated parking spot after the driver gets off the vehicle.

▲The GIF shows the 51VR automatic valet parking principle demonstration

In addition to autopilot related cases, 51Sim-One can also generate virtual traffic flow in real time based on traffic camera signals, and analyze, track and archive traffic flow.

▲The GIF shows 51VR real-time traffic flow simulation

In the forum, in addition to the topic of automatic driving, industry experts and corporate elites also discuss how to make full use of advanced technologies such as cloud computing and big data, dig the diversified needs of users, innovate travel and service models, and develop for the future. An in-depth discussion on topics such as promoting the coordinated development of the automotive industry, data, and applications.

The guests attending the 2019 China Auto Chongqing Forum include: Xiong Xue (deputy mayor of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government); Wang Xia (chairman of the Automotive Industry Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade); Yang Liqiong (deputy director of Chongqing Economic Information Committee); Xu Liuping (China FAW Group Co., Ltd. Chairman of the company); Zeng Qinghong (Chairman of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.); Zhu Huarong (President of Changan Automobile Zhu Huarong).

China Autopilot Simulation Technology Research Report (2019)

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