Redefine the smart industrial park! Huawei and 51VR launch a new generation of the intelligent operation center

On September 18th, Huawei Connect 2019 was held in Shanghai. At this event, Huawei’s Industrial Park Intelligent Operation Center made its debut. As the industry’s first representative, from single-scenario to full-scenario intelligence, the Huawei Industrial Park Intelligent Operation Center, which achieved five breakthroughs and three innovations, creating a new model of three-dimensional management of the industrial park. Five breakthroughs include digital-twin technology input, visual analysis of park operations, closed-loop linkage of park business, simulation of park decision-making, and full-scale data integration of the park. Three innovations refer to three-dimensional visualization of the park, controllable business connection, and efficient data management. The management center redefines the operation of industrial parks and creates a new model of multi-dimensional management.

As the partner of the Huawei’s eco-system, 51VR fully supports Huawei to complete the upgrades of industrial park management, from 2D to 3D.

“The industrial parks of Huawei can be said to truly implement intelligent operation center, which fulfills Internet of Things. Therefore, it can fully boost employees' work efficiency, organizational efficiency, energy-usage efficiency, and facility efficiency.” Dr. Su Baohua, President of Huawei BG Smart Industrial Park Business Unit, said at the Huawei Smart Industrial Park Summit.

The IOC Huawei Industrial Park Intelligent Operation Center jointly created by 51VR and Huawei is a refined operation management platform based on CIM (City Information Model). It combines operational data management and camera data integration to restore Huawei Shenzhen Putian and Dongguan Songshan Lake Industrial Park. It can display the status of the park in real-time, with 8 functional modules — overall situation, comprehensive security, access management, asset management, intelligent early warning, energy efficiency management, facility management, and environmental area management.

The platform intuitively displays the whole status of the park and input real-time data such as IoT equipment, assets, energy, equipment depreciation, and environment. It not only guarantees the safety of the park and the efficiency of the management but also fulfills the requirements such as early warning, climate report, PM2.5 report, multi-language switching.

”Cooperation with Huawei this time is a big breakthrough. The product fulfills the visualization of the whole business process, the space of the whole industrial park, and event processing. For the event processing, every emergency can be actively recognized by the platform, triggering a warning on the three-dimensional screen which can remind managers to have a rapid response. The overall management efficiency is greatly improved. In addition, every data is recorded to provide scientific reference for decision-making.“ said Wang Jiawei, Director of 51VR Smart Industrial Park Product.

For the innovation of the product, Wang Jiawei introduced it in detail. The operation center has an API interface for the face recognition camera system. Identification can reduce learning costs for the managers. With the 3D model on the screen, it can also optimize the event processing. For example, crowd gathering in the same spot for too long can be detected and analyzed by the operation center. If it is a dangerous situation, security personnel can be quickly notified to deal with the problem.

“Most current management products for industrial parks are still in the development stage. Their technology can not meet customer requirements. Huawei indeed upgrades its management to a new higher level.” said Wang Jiawei.

“This product is excellent both on the ultimate display function and actual application. 51VR worth our praise for not only fulfilling all of our requirements but also quickly delivering the product. 51VR’s products are very mature. It is impressive that the entire industrial park can be refined and completed in a short period of time, which indicates that 51VR’s accumulation in the field of 3D graphics has been quite deep. Within one month, every detail has been done to the extreme. Our cooperation at this time is very pleasant. In the future, we are very willing to give related opportunities to partners like 51VR.” highly praised by Huawei Smart Industrial Park Business Department, for this cooperation.

Today, the construction of smart industrial parks is becoming a new trend.

According to IDC (International Data Corporation), the domestic smart park market exceeded 200 billion RMB in 2019. It conservatively forecasts that the compound annual growth rate will maintain 12.7% in the next four years, and the market will be nearly 300 billion yuan by 2020. However, overseas market size is 7 times the domestic market size.

We are embracing the new generation of digital transformation and upgrading. The megatrend is happening.

It is reported that Huawei will invest more resources in smart industrial park planning in the future. As the preferred partner of the smart city visualization operating system, 51VR will have more cooperation with Huawei.



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